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“Sitting lets us just, first of all, recognize that we are this massive collection of thoughts and experiences and sensations that are moving at the speed of light and that we never get a chance to just be still and pause and look at them, just for what they are, and then slowly to sort out our own voice from the rest of the thoughts, emotions, the interpretations, the habits, the momentums that are just trying to overwhelm us at any given moment.”

-Rev. angel Kyodo williams from On Being podcast, April 19, 2018

I often think of release when I start to feel the warmth of full Spring. We mostly think of Spring as an escape from Winter, but in gaining the light and heat we’re also releasing the quiet hibernation of those cold months. In our sitting practice, we work with what we already have (that “collection of thoughts… moving at the speed of light”) in order to find the peace already existing in the chaos. Almost like a blossom packed tightly into a bud, waiting for its time.

We have several upcoming events in addition to our recurring practice opportunities. Perhaps you’ll consider a temporary release from the everyday grind and jump into one of our retreats. Either way, we hope to enjoy your presence with us soon! 

In Dharma,

Al from The Wisdom Seat

5 Event and Tech updates from Bill... 1. On Tuesday, May 14 we will have our rescheduled Mindful Gathering conversation with Matt DiRodio as he prepares to enter the 3 Year Retreat. Please join our discussion that evening.

2. The recording of last month's Mindful Gathering discussion on a "Drala Landing Pad" is available to watch in the new Forum section, when you login to our website:

3. We have just published a new podcast episode with Michael Carroll and Matt DiRodio all about the origins of The Wisdom Seat, what their original vision was, and how it has grown and changed. Episode 14. ...also Matt talks about cakes

4. We have added a Forum section to our site for discussion among the sangha.

5. Finally, we have just added a 2nd podcast hosted by Michael Carroll to the site under Podcasts:

thank you,

Bill Moriarty

Preparing for the 3 Year Retreat: A Wisdom Seat Mindful Gathering

May 14, 2024, 7:00 PM EDT

In August, 2024, our co-founder Matt DiRodio will embark on a 3-year retreat. Come join us at this community event to learn from Matt about his retreat, how he is preparing, and what it entails.

This is our second in a monthly series called "A Wisdom Seat Mindful Gathering." These are intended to be discussions about a specific topic, with Q&A with the community. Please join, and bring your curiosity and your questions!

Wednesday Meditation

Ongoing offering: Online meditation every Wednesday evening 6:15 to 7:30 PM EST

Worldwide Wednesday evening online sitting meditation practice.

We, at The Wisdom Seat, invite you to meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 – 7:30 PM Eastern Time to practice the sitting meditation discipline as taught in the Buddhist & Shambhala tradition of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Nyinthun: Everyone is welcome!

Ongoing offering: Nyinthun (in-person and online) The first Sunday of every month. All day sitting interspersed with walking meditation. The word nyinthun*, is Tibetan for “day session.”

In understanding dharma, Trungpa Rinpoche placed a strong emphasis on mindfulness/awareness meditation practice. This community practice of Nyinthun - all day sitting interspersed with walking meditation - gives us the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of our mind, make friends with our immediate experience and rediscover our natural sanity.

Please take a look, and sign up to join us for some nyinthun retreat days. It is ok to join for as much of the day as you can.

Live an Awakened Life

June 20–23, 2024

Drala Mountain Center-Colorado

Description: What is mindfulness-awareness meditation and where did it come from?

How does this simple act of “sitting still” unleash wisdom & compassion?

How can we establish a sustainable meditation practice?

Why are the Three Supports and theThree Sacred Acts central to the practice?

This program will offer a thorough and gentle introduction to mindfulness-awareness meditation with time for discussion and optional personal conversation with one of the teachers. Short daily yoga sessions included.


Tuition $215 + 3 nights lodging

Authentic Presence and The Feminine Principle

June 26–July 6, 2024

Taught by Susan Piver and Michael Carroll

A 10-Day Heart Sutra Meditation Retreat

Offered in partnership with The Wisdom Seat and the OpenHeart Project

The Heart Sutra – the most pith of the Prajnaparamita Sutras – is a central text throughout all of Buddhism. It is widely revered, demonstrably powerful, and, one could say, thoroughly incomprehensible – at least by the conceptual mind. This is all great news.

On this 10-day retreat, we will bring these three elements together – study, meditation, and letting go – as we practice “The Sutra of the Heart of Transcendent Knowledge” in a supportive and spacious community.  We will explore what is meant by authentic presence and the feminine principle, how each is invoked in our practice to reveal liberation, balance, and joy.

The Wisdom Seat Retreat

October 12 - 20, 2024

This 8-day practice intensive is designed to help us deepen our mindfulness-awareness meditation and integrate it into our daily life.

The retreat will include:

  1. 6 - 7 hours of daily shrine room meditation alternating sitting and walking during each session

  2. Daily breath and body relaxation practices

  3. Daily readings from Buddhist texts

  4. Outdoor walking meditation

  5. Individual meditation instruction upon request

  6. Periodic group meditation instruction

  7. 75 - 90 minutes of daily chores

Participants will be asked to observe “functional silence” throughout most of the retreat, limiting verbal communication to a minimum.

Since the retreat will be limited to 30 participants, those attending will be expected to participate in all 8 days of the retreat. \

Location: Karma Triyana Dharmachakra

Woodstock, NY

Collaborative practice undertaking with The Wisdom Seat & The Profound Treasury Retreat

The Wisdom Seat encourages as many opportunities for practitioners to engage in the discipline of mindfulness/awareness(shamatha/vipashyana) as one can engage in. We are happy to invite the Profound Treasury Retreat (PTR) with their offering of Sunday sitting.

PTR community is hosting a 2-hour sitting session from 9:30am to 11:30 am EST 

There will be meditation instruction every third Sunday of the month, given by a qualified meditation instructor.

Dates: May 12, 19, 26th

Here is the Zoom link for each of these sessions: Sunday Sitting Zoom Link

 All are welcome to attend.



Sons & Daughters of Noble Family-Speaker Series

May 12th - October 20th

Sundays 1pm - 3pm EST


Description: Join more than twenty individuals who began their Buddhist path as students of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, or within the Vajradhatu / Shambhala community, and who have continued walking the path of dharma in an extraordinary variety of ways.Speakers and participants will together, explore the richness of our greater Vajradhatu/Shambhala extended dharma family, as well as have an opportunity to cross-pollinate our understanding of each other’s lineages and paths. 

BONUS: Sept. 29 - Join Michael Carroll for a discussion on The Wisdom Seat and Meeting the Spiritual Challenge of Modern Materialism



Roger Jackson on Buddhist Rebirth: Contexts, Structures, and Functions

May 19th at 7pm EST

Ocean - Online Lecture

Description: In this first of two talks, Professor Jackson will examine the Buddhist idea of rebirth in the context of world and Asian cultures; analyze the historical Buddha’s attitude toward rebirth; and describe the overall Buddhist notion of the realms of rebirth, the causes and conditions of rebirth, and the relation between karma and rebirth, noting differences among the three yānas and some variations in particular Asian cultures.

In a follow up talk later in the year, Dr. Jackson will examine traditional Indian and Tibetan arguments in favor of rebirth; consider the “paradox” of rebirth vis à vis the doctrine of no-self; and describe and reflect upon the place of rebirth within modern Buddhism, in terms of four possibilities: literalism, neo-traditionalism, modernism, and secularism. Date and time to be announced.



Five Wisdom Energies, Transforming Negative Emotions into Awakened Insight

May 24th to June 1st

Karmê Chöling

Description : The Five Wisdoms system offers a unique lens that can transform your emotions into clarity, warmth, insight, and effectiveness. It fosters personal growth and authentic connections in today's world which is marked by superficial interactions and perennial challenges.Sitting & Walking Meditation, One-on-One Interviews, Contemplative Exercises

A powerful practice with postures and colors, Experiential Exercises

Talks and Discussions

Teacher: Irini Rockwell, MA, is founder, director, and principal coach/trainer at the Five Wisdoms Institute, She has taught Buddhism and the Five Wisdoms internationally for over 40 years  She is a longtime student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Her books are "The Five Wisdom Energies, a Buddhist Way of Understanding Personalities, Emotions and Relationships" and "Natural Brilliance".



Overcoming Obstacles: Vajrakilaya Practice Intensive at the Great Stupa

May 24th - June 1st

Drala Mountain Center

Teacher: Karen Porterfield

Description: As the wrathful form of the Buddha Vajrasattva, Vajrakilaya embodies the enlightened activity of all the Buddhas. This practice is known to be the most powerful for removing all inner and outer obstacles, especially personal obstacles that affect our Dharma practice. Vajrakilaya manifests in our lives as skillful enlightened activity. This Spring we will gather to practice this profound sadhana in the Great Stupa of Dharmakaya with two sessions daily and evening study/discussion.

Attendance is open to sadhakas within the Shambhala community who have received the Netik Phurba abhisheka.  For students of other traditions or those with questions, kindly send a note to the program leader, Karen Porterfield at to confirm your authorization. 

As you might know, Dzongsar Khyentse RInpoche gave a series of Vajrakilaya teachings on the land in 1989.  Over the years there have been small gatherings of VK practitioners at DMC, but it has been a long time since focused VK practice has been done there. 

Karen began her study of Buddhism in India with Chökyi Nyima Rinpoche and Tulku Ugyen Rinpoche in 1984. Having found a copy of “Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism” there, she found her way to Boulder and became a student of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche in 1986. 



Brokering Peace - Applying the Lojong Slogans

June 7the - 16th

Description: We are now accepting applications for the 11th annual Maine Profound Treasury Retreat at Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center, Saco, Maine.

The Profound Treasury Retreats create a community of both new and experienced meditation practitioners who come together to share & learn at a wonderful location on Maine's coast. Everyone is welcome. We offer generous financial aid to those who need it, so please don't let a lack of funds deter you from applying. 


Three Yana Society

Entering the Vajra World: A Three-Yana Retreat

July 19th - August 18th

Drala Mountain Center

Description: Next summer’s retreat is designed for students with a solid foundation in Buddhism, and the preparation, aspiration and commitment to become vajrayana practitioners trained in Trungpa Rinpoche’s inimitable style. The retreat will be led by senior teachers who were trained by the Vidyadhara and supported by a new generation of instructors committed to the propagation and preservation of these teachings. 

The retreat will integrate training in all three yanas and include the opportunity to receive vajrayana transmission and begin ngondro practice within the retreat.

Drala Mountain Center is generously offering a 50% discount on lodging for the program; faculty and staff have waived honorariums; and there is no additional charge for tuition.


Dorje Denma Ling

A Month of Meditation: Shamatha-Vipashyana Dathün 2024

(weekthün opportunites available)

July 19th - August 18th

Dorje Denma Ling - Nova Scotia, Canada

Teacher: Val Loring

Desrciption: Dathün is a month-long, group meditation retreat of shamatha-vipashyana, or mindfulness-awareness practice. This is the basic sitting meditation that goes back to the Buddha, which also includes contemplative practices for cultivating insight and compassion. Practicing together as a group creates an atmosphere of courage and wakefulness. 

The dathün follows the basic schedule developed by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The daily schedule begins at 7am and ends around 9pm most evenings. Sitting meditation sessions are alternated with walking meditation throughout the day. The three main meals are served and eaten in the meditation hall using the Zen contemplative eating practice of oryoki. After lunch, there is a mid-day work period, when participants have light cleaning and kitchen tasks, which are opportunities for meditation in action.

Program Contact:

Karen Porterfield

"Regard thoughts as necessary. Regard them as a great kindness. Regard them as very dear to your heart. Regard them as indispensable.

Some regard blocking every thought as it arises and resting with the mind wrapped up in non conceptuality as a positive thing.

That cannot serve as the path. It will cripple wisdom." 

  • Gampopa

Gampopa, also known as Dagpo Lhaje, was a Tibetan Buddhist teacher and the spiritual founder of the Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism. He was a disciple of the famous yogi, Milarepa, and is known for merging Milarepa's Mahamudra teachings with the monastic traditions of the Kadampa school. His major work, "The Jewel Ornament of Liberation," is considered a fundamental text of Kagyu philosophy.


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