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21st Bodhi: The joyful life of a Bodhisattva


21st Bodhi The joyful life of a Bodhisattva Taught by Michael Carroll and Matt DiRodio For centuries, millions of women and men have lived the life of a bodhisattva, traveling a spiritual path marked by joy, compassion, and vast wisdom. And for hundreds of generations, they inspired the best in others, passed down what they learned and celebrated their tradition. Today, in this remarkable, brilliant and confounding 21st century, such inspiration flourishes to live the noble life of a bodhisattva. During this 10-session program we will: - Explore the tradition of the bodhisattva and consider how it can unfold in our everyday lives. - Learn and practice the fundamental gesture of a bodhisattva: formless meditation. - Share among others our experiences in traveling the bodhisattva path. All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST) . Tuesday evenings will be 6:15pm - 8:30pm. Event begins at 6:30pm. Wednesday evenings will be 6:15pm - 7:30pm. Event begins at 6:30pm. - 1/9/2024 Class 1: The Bodhisattva journey - 1/10/2024 Class 2: Practice and Discussion - 1/23/2024 Class 3: Formless meditation: effortless effort - 1/24/2024 Class 4: Practice and Discussion - 2/6/2024 Class 5: The wheel of life and death - 2/7/2024 Class 6: Practice and Discussion - 2/20/2024 Class 7: Embodying the 4 immeasurables - 2/21/2024 Class 8: Practice and Discussion - 3/5/2024 Class 9: Being authentic in an increasingly artificial world - 3/6/2024 Class 10: Practice and Discussion Classes will be recorded for participants.

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