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Pawo Khandro Ling

In 2002, during his visit to the United States and Canada, Lama Tsering, the Abbot of the Surmang monastery complex in Tibet, visited with the Wisdom Seat community and resided at the Wallingford property. During his 2-week stay, Lama Tsering offered refuge vows, taught dharma, and presided over a truly memorable mid-summer’s day celebration. He also conducted an extensive blessing of the Wallingford property conferring the name “The place where the dakas and dakinis prefer to regularly congregate” and memorialized his blessing in a calligraphy which he generously gifted to The Wisdom Seat.


Two decades later, in August 2022, The Wisdom Seat hosted Khentrul Rinpoche who taught on his new book “The Power of Mind” and shared profound and memorable time with the Wisdom Seat community and with his students from Katog Dunkar Ling. During a conversation with Rinpoche we mentioned that Lama Tsering had named the Wallingford property which seemed to peak his interest. After a brief conversation, he suggested that The Wisdom Seat should formalize the name that Lama Tsering conferred, and we requested Rinpoche to help us do so. Working with his translator Paloma, Rinpoche executed a series of calligraphies and suggested that we now call The Wallingford Property:

Pawo Khandro Ling

It continues to be a distinct honor to have lineage holders like Lama Tsering and Khentrul Rinpoche visit The Wisdom Seat and teach. It is especially inspiring to have such teachers recognize our dharma gathering place as an authentic expression of our Kagyu-Nyingma lineage.

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