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The nature of mind does not depend on causes and conditions, nor does it consist of substances, as external objects do. This is why the expression of the mind is unobstructed and everything can manifest.  

 Jamgon Kontrul III

The Wisdom Seat is a group of Buddhist teachers and practitioners residing in the Mid-Atlantic region who host spiritual teachers, sponsor meditation retreats and offer support to those on the Buddhist path. Drawing on the profound view of the Kagyu-Nyingma and Rimé traditions of Tibetan Buddhism, The Wisdom Seat seeks to bring these spiritual traditions into our modern-day life – cultivating healthy relationships between teachers and students and reliably transmitting the Buddhist teachings to others.

The Wisdom Seat members study under the guidance of various Buddhist teachers and practice diverse meditative disciplines. Many have been trained in hosting Buddhist lineage holders, bringing extensive experience to choosing suitable venues, elegantly promoting events and fostering an uplifted environment for transmitting the dharma. We have built working relationships with local communities like Swarthmore College, Pendle Hill Retreat Center, Philadelphia Ethical Cultural Society, Wake Up Yoga and others in order to provide uplifting settings for presenting the teachings. 

As authorized teachers in Buddhist lineages, some of The Wisdom Seat members lead meditation retreats, offer meditation instruction and present Buddhist teachings at scheduled events.

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