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The Power of Mind Book Club

Our Wisdom Seat Author Series continued with Khentrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche’s The Power of Mind.

Approximately 40 members of our community joined to study, discuss and practice together over a 6-week period in Fall ’22.  We gathered on Zoom, on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm EST each week to dive deeper into the Lojong, or “mind-training” teachings of Atisha.

The course was hosted by Jacqui Merrell and Stephanie Tade, familiar members of the Wisdom Seat and also students of Khentrul Rinpoche’s.

We gathered again on Wednesday evenings with our sitting community to practice together.  Khentrul Rinpoche joined the class and offered an inspiring and helpful teaching for our fourth class, and everyone was suitably impressed by his powerful presentation, as well as by his delightful and talented translator, Paloma Landry.

Those wishing to see the recorded discussions can join the recorded online program here.

Regardless of what’s happening in our lives, Khentrul Rinpoche teaches that our route to freedom lies in our minds.

A thousand years ago, the Indian saint Atisha risked his life to seek out lojong teachings in Indonesia, and then brought them to Tibet, where they flourished and spread to the rest of the world. This book, The Power of Mind, introduces those teachings—the Seven Key Points of Mind Training—which have been passed down from teacher to student for centuries.

Khentrul Rinpoche has been presenting the Lojong teachings for decades, in weeklong retreats, weekend courses, and at events all over the world. His approach is both profound, and accessible.


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