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The Wisdom Seat June Newsletter


Greetings to The Wisdom Seat Community,

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Building a “Yurt” in Maine

In our mission to bring Buddhist teachers and practitioners together in our modern day life, The Wisdom Seat recently hosted the Buddhist nun Tenzin Dasel from Tashi Gatsel Ling. Our time together was inspiring and we plan to cultivate our connection with Tashi Gatsel Ling into the future. As part of this vision, we want to encourage Wisdom Seat friends and community members to consider Tenzin’s invitation to help her build a retreat “yurt” in Maine. For many of us, we have enjoyed studying with Buddhist monks and nuns as part of our spiritual journey. Now we can have fun building a “Yurt in Maine”. Make a donation

Watch a video of Tenzin Dasel's recent talk to our community:

Below you will find information on the July retreat Michael Carroll is leading along with Susan Piver and Loden Nyima, our growing Wednesday Evening meditation group, and our growing monthly Nyinthun full day of practice which is open to all. We also have many partner events to tell you about. in Dharma, The Wisdom Seat

Authentic Presence: Reawakening Spiritual Confidence

A two-week meditation retreat offered in partnership with The Wisdom Seat, the Open Heart Project, and Drala Mountain Center.

Led by: Michael Carroll, Susan Piver and Loden Nyima Drala Mountain Center

Red Feather Lakes, CO July 1–14, 2023

Wednesday Meditation

Ongoing offering: Online meditation every Wednesday evening from 6:15 to 7:30 Eastern Time

Worldwide Wednesday evening online sitting meditation practice.

We, at The Wisdom Seat, invite you to meet on Wednesday evenings from 6:15 – 7:30 PM Eastern Time to practice the sitting meditation discipline as taught in the Buddhist & Shambhala tradition of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.

Nyinthun: Everyone is welcome!

Ongoing offering: Nyinthun (in-person and online) on the first Sunday of every month.

All day sitting interspersed with walking meditation.

The word nyinthun*, is Tibetan for “day session.”

In understanding dharma, Trungpa Rinpoche placed a strong emphasis on mindfulness/awareness meditation practice. This community practice of Nyinthun - all day sitting interspersed with walking meditation - gives us the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of our mind, make friends with our immediate experience and rediscover our natural sanity.

For 2023, we have changed the nyinthun registration site, so that you sign up for each nyinthun retreat day individually. This replaces the old way of just joining a nyinthun email list and receiving a monthly reminder. This will help greatly by knowing how many people are actually coming to any given nyinthun, so we can arrange the shrine room to accommodate in person attendees, and plan for online attendees. Please take a look, and sign up to join us for some nyinthun retreat days. It is ok to join for as much of the day as you can.

Rime Society Niguma’s Mahamudra A Public Talk by Kalu Rinpoche Sunday, July 23, 2023, 7pm Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder 5001 Pennsylvania, Boulder

Kagyu Ngöndro Intensive With Martin Evans and Juanita Evans Dorje Denma Ling warmly invites you to a retreat this summer! Due to the enthusiastic response to our recent survey, we are pleased to announce that DDL will hold a Kagyu Ngöndro Intensive from July 26th to August 6th. Registration is now open. DATE & TIME DETAILS: Begins with orientation July 26 at 7:45 after dinner. Departure after breakfast, August 6.

The Profound Treasury Retreat June 9 –18, 2023 Ferry Beach Retreat & Conference Center Saco, Maine September 29 – October 8, 2023 Drala Mountain Center Red Feather Lakes, Colorado A unique opportunity to engage in intensive study and practice in a contemplative environment.

Sopa Chöling Three-Year Retreat A new retreat cycle begins Fall 2024 Welcome to our three year retreat. All texts and commentaries have been translated into English as Chogyam Trungpa wished. Following his wishes, Venerable Thrangu Rinpoche designed our retreat.

Three Yanas Intensive A series of month-long residential retreats, offering deep intellectual and experiential understanding of the three-yana path, as it was presented by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche website:

CHOGYAM TRUNGPA INSTITUTE The Digital Library is pleased to announce the release of a new five-talk seminar, "Buddhadharma Without Credentials," that was given in New York City in 1973. Talks from this now-historic program became well-known chapters in The Myth of Freedom, including "The Lion's Roar" and "Boredom." This release is accompanied by a short article by Anne Seidlitz that offers some illuminating context. In it, she points out that Trungpa Rinpoche: ...articulated some of the foundational language, imagery, and ideas that would inform the heart of his teachings going forward, including "cool boredom" (the ability to experience simplicity in meditation practice); "the lion's roar" (the fearless proclamation that anything that arises is workable); and "chaos is extremely good news" (a willingness to incorporate any unexpected problems as part of one's spiritual path). In these five talks, Trungpa Rinpoche brings into clear and unvarnished focus the essential features of the Buddhist path: the simplicity of meditation practice, seeing through deception, relating with a teacher, and understanding one's own mind, in a way so that everyone listening to these teachings can feel buoyed and strengthened in their practice. Read the entire article, listen to a clip, or access the entire five-talk seminar:

Recognize your nature.

Decide on one point.

Gain confidence in liberation.

from Garab Dorjé’s Three Words that

Strike the Vital Point

Nirmāṇakāya Garab Dorjé was the first human master of Dzogchen. At the time of his parinirvana, Garab Dorjé ascended into the sky and dissolved into rainbow light. At this, his student Mañjushrimitra cried out in despair and distress, and made a very beautiful plea: “What will become of us now that you are passing away? You are the light of the world…” This moved Garab Dorjé and his hand reappeared holding a small golden casket containing the teaching of Three Words that Strike the Vital Point. He let this casket fall into the hand of Mañjushrimitra. As soon as he received this casket with his teacher’s testament, his mind became inseparable from the wisdom mind of his guru Garab Dorjé.

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